LA blank zip up hood

LA blank zip up hood

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Premium heavy fleece hood with metal zip up. Blank - No logos.

This heavy fleece hood is made in South Central, Los Angeles by expert sewers using premium construction materials and techniques. This fleece is very heavy and will provide you with warmth in temperatures as low as 10°C.

The experienced seamstresses that make this garment earn an average up to $20 an hour and no less than $14.25.  

- Unisex

- Made in USA

- Printed in Aus

- Pre-washed for a no shrink fit

- 100% cotton

Our male model is 190cm and wore an XL

Our female model is 178cm and wore a S

Sizing slightly smaller. 

For fitted look we recommend staying true to size.

For oversized look we recommend sizing up.


Body Length        Chest Width        Sleeve Length

XS        251/2 in.               181/8 in.                   23 in.

S          261/2 in.               201/8 in.                 231/2 in.

M         273/4 in.               221/8 in.                 237/8 in. 

L          287/8 in.               241/8 in.                 243/8 in.

XL          30 in.                 261/8 in.                  25 in.

2XL     311/8 in.                281/8 in.                 251/2 in.